Who we are:


Oriplay is a young independent development & design studio.
We make casual games for Android.

We hail from Chisinau, the capital of the Republic of Moldova in Eastern Europe.

Since then we have been growing both as a team of professionals and as game developers.
We happily meet new challenges and view them as opportunities to expand our gaming development ideas,
hone our technical skills and gain more experience in the business. This approach makes Oriplay the company of choice to make new games.

Alex PlumbGame designer
Max BrumlenscGame ilustrator
Natasha OreolSenior ilustrator
Emeliov Dmitri Developer
Adrian CociuCEO

Our Vision

At Oriplay, we welcome all challenges. We always strive to deliver game products of the highest quality and regard every project as a step to excellence. We begin with building a close working relationship with gamers in order to share their perspective and achieve clear and effective understanding of their expectations. We pay keen attention to requirements and the nature of the project throughout the entire process of our work so as to create video game products, which are to become important tools in our quest for success.
Please feel free to contact us regarding any app service or design, the question you would like to ask or a project you need to get done.



Adrian Cociu (CEO)
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